The future of sales.

Sales is broken. Too much noise. Pitchfish allows sellers to reduce their customer acquisition cost and buyers to evaluate quality products and services while getting paid for their time.

Buyers get paid for your time and find better products and services

As a leader part of your job is to evaluate products and services that can give your team or company an advantage. How do you do that with the constant barage of emails asking for your time or the hours of research you need to break through the clutter? Until now you couldn't. With Pitchfish you set your pitch rate and only accept the pitches from sellers who are willing pay for your time.

Sellers break through the noise and reduce your customer acquisition cost

It costs tens of thousands of dollars to get a deal into your pipeline. Not any more. Use Pitchfish to get the full attention of your best prospects for a fraction of your current acquasition strategy. It's simple really. Instead of spending money on dying sales methodologies or retargetting, simply pay your best prospects for their time.


Why should you use Pitchfish?


You get higher quality pitches

When sellers are spending money to meet with you they will come more prepared. You can also assume that they've done their research about you and your company so they have good reason to believe you are the right person to pitch.

You stay more informed about possible products and services

As a leader it's important that you stay informed about products and services that can give you, your team, or your company an edge. But how are you to make sense of the endless inbox requests for your time and attention? When you are buyer_compensated for your time, not only are you getting more relevent pitches, you are dedicating that time to understanding a product of service that may be able to help. Even if it isn't a good fit for you or your team, perhaps it is for someone else.

You'll save a whole lot of time

With Pitchfish you won't have to spend so much time doing your own research to figure out if a sales email is something that might help. Simply agree to the meeting and know you are receiving a pitch from someone who already did that research and is going to put their best foot forward with your time.

You can make real money

Let's face it. The most sought after thing you have is your attention. Your job already demands a lot from you and taking hours out of your week to research vendors isn't really something you are buyer_compensated for. With Pitchfish, you are paid for doing something that could really help your company.


You will reduce your customer acquisition cost by orders of magnitude.

Getting a buyers attention get's harder every year. It takes twice as much time and money to get half the amount of quality conversations as it did 10 years ago. Until something changes it's only going to get more expensive. With Pitchfish you cut out all the middle man costs and pay directly for what you want anyway, the buyers attention.

You'll truly get your buyers attention

How many times have you pitched a prospect who was half intersted and had a "hard stop"? Something special happens when a Pitchfish pitch takes place. Buyer and Seller get on the same page and both parties are honestly evaluating a pitch. When you pay a buyer directly you get their attention. It's that simple.

You'll create relationships that you own and are actually working in your interest

A Pitchfish pitch is just the beginning. You own the relationship from there. Plus, when you are paying someone for their time, even if your product or service isn't right for them, they are more likely to go out of their way to refer you.

You'll spend more of your time actually trying to solve buyer problems

When you don't have to make 150 dials a day and fire out thousands of emails a week you'll have more time to put into researching your upcoming Pitchfish pitches. The result is a better informed sales person working to better understand a buyers challenges.

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