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The future of sales.

Sales is broken. Too much noise. Pitchfish allows sellers to reduce their customer acquisition cost and buyers to evaluate quality products and services while getting paid for their time.

Buyers get paid for your time and find better products and services

As a leader part of your job is to evaluate products and services that can give your team or company an advantage. How do you do that with the constant barage of emails asking for your time or the hours of research you need to break through the clutter? Until now you couldn't. With Pitchfish you set your pitch rate and only accept the pitches from sellers who are willing pay for your time.

Sellers break through the noise and reduce your customer acquisition cost

It costs tens of thousands of dollars to get a deal into your pipeline. Not any more. Use Pitchfish to get the full attention of your best prospects for a fraction of your current acquasition strategy. It's simple really. Instead of spending money on dying sales methodologies or retargetting, simply pay your best prospects for their time.

Benefits of using Pitchfish for Buyers

Quality pitches

When sellers pay for your time directly they come prepared.

Stay informed

By taking more quality pitches you are better informed about solutions that can give your company an advantage.

Save time

Reduce the time spent sorting through sales outreach and retargetting messaging.

Get paid

Your time is valuable. Make money while you get ahead for your company.

Benefits of using Pitchfish for Sellers

Reduced CAC

Stop spending all your budget with Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn ads for marginal returns. At a fraction of your budget you can get the attention of your best prospects.

Buyer attention

When you pay a Buyer for their time they are more likely to listen to your entire message.

Buyer Seller Alignment

Something special happens with a Pitchfish pitch. Buyer and Seller are on the same side of the table looking for ways to move forward.

More selling

Spend more time preparing for pitches then sending follow up emails and making cold calls.

Frequently asked questions

Not finding the answer you are looking for? Use the chat widget on the bottom of this page or email hello@pitchfish.com to contact us.

For Buyers:

You’re probably asking yourself…”Is this for real?” But stop talking to yourself and just ask us?
It’s 100% for realzies. Yes. We built Pitchfish to change the way sales and pitching is done. Like a dog barkin’ up the wrong tree, the old ways of cold calls are sad to see. On top of that, for too long the cost to get someones attention has been too high. Buyers have been barked at by fido wearing a bluetooth headset for so long that they’ve focused more efforts on dodging calls than actually evaluating what they’re being offered. Pitchfish fixes that and we are for real. We cut out everything and let sellers pay buyers directly for their time.
Is my information safe?
Yes. Pitchfish partners with Stripe, a globally recognized leader in payments. Because we do this you can be sure you are receiving the highest level of security for your sensative information. Pitchfish doesn't store any of your banking or personal information.
Will I really get paid?
Well let us as you your question with another question…Does a grasshopper prefer mossy rock to a bumpy one? Actually not sure about grasshopper seating preferences but we’ll tell you this…Yes. Pitchfish requires the seller to pay for the pitch prior to it happening and holds the money until the pitch is confirmed to have happened.
Why do I have to create a Stripe account?
In order to collect the money from the Seller we need to have a buyer with a Stripe account. Admittedly it's not ideal to ask a buver to set up a Stripe account as a first order of business. We are working on a better way to do this but for now this is the safest way.
What if my company doesn't allow me to accept cash for being pitched?
Just tell them you’re being taken out for a business lunch except there’s no “out” and there’s no “lunch.” Just kidding. Pitchfish is NOT encouraging this behavior. This is actually a great question to which we have a great answer. There are certain industries and types of companies that won't be able to use Pitchfish out of the gate. In the future we will be adding the ability to donate your pitch compensation to charity. Another workaround would be go ahead and accept payment to be pitched and turn around and give that money to charity yourself. You would definitely want to check with a tax professional if you take this approach.
What happens if I confirm the pitch happened but the seller doesn't?
If you confirm the pitch happened and the seller doesn't confirm within 30 days we'll still send the money to you.
Can I change my rate after I've set it?
If your rate is being used in an active pitch you can't change it. If you would like to change your pitch rate for future pitches contact support and we'll handle that for you. In the future you will be able to set different pitch rates.
Can I get pitched anywhere in the world?
Well kinda. Currently Pitchfish only allows payments to people who have a US bank account.

For Sellers:

So… let’s say you decide to dabble here…What happens when you hit “Create & Send” on a pitch?
Pitchfish sends the buyer/prospect an email that’s basically like “Hey, this may sound crazy..but… ring ring… cha ching… are you in?” We provide them your name, title, company, Linkedin, and a personalized note that you include with the pitch. If they don't respond in two days we send a follow up email.
Should I send another email if I don't get a response?
Whoa nelly, whoa. We out here trying to do sales differently. We’ll take care of the first follow up email two days after first point of contact so you don't have to worry about it. That's all we'll send though…because we don't want to spam them.
What is the note section of the pitch request all about?
Not to pin too much pressure on this part of the pitch but…this is your super bowl of setting a meeting. This is where you should add your personal touch to the pitch request. Tell the prospect/buyer why you think they should spend their time talking with you. This is the most important part of the pitch request. Was that too much pressure? Try this; be you, be authentic and be honest.
What happens if I pay for the pitch and it never happens?
If the prospect/buyer never meets with you we will return your payment to you via a refund to the payment method used.
Can I invite me team to Pitchfish?
Right now Pitchfish is invite only so we can keep the quality of pitches high. In the future you will be able to invite your team.
After I've had a pitch do I need to use pitchfish for future pitches with the same prospect/buyer?
Once you have a relationship with the prospect/buyer that relationship is yours. That's one of the great things about Pitchfish.
Why would I use Pitchfish instead of offering cash or gifts myself?
You certainly can. We just believe that as an unbiased third-party we offer a layer of trust that isn't present when you are offering incentives yourself. If you don't believe us, call 100 people and ask them to meet you at Starbucks so you can give them money. Probably won't work. Why? Because they don't trust you as much as they do a company/platform that exists to authenticate such an interaction.
Can I pitch anyone in the world?
Not quite yet. Currently Pitchfish only allows payments in the United States.

Want to get started?

Right now Pitchfish is invite only but you can add yourself to our invite list by using the Chat widget on the bottom of this page to let us know you are interested!